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20219Misc. surnames - from Slovak magazine 1973

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  • mabensh
    Jun 1, 2008
      Wanted to check through the Slovak magazines again before recycling
      them. The Editor's comments page has info on members, so I thought I
      would post the surnames from the issues I've already scanned. Here are
      the ones for Jan-March.

      Let me know if you want a scanned copy of the Editor's Comments page
      and which issue it is. I'll be happy to email it.

      Jan 1973 - Petrasek, Drab, Garasic, Tanzone, Pogorelec, Sefcik, Piroch

      Feb 1973 - Zalibera, Petrasek, Drab, Goy, Potocnak, Prusa

      March 1973 - Mizerovsky, Romlian, Maticka, Bednarz, Krajcik, Hrusovsky,
      Nahalka, Suchon, Bohinek, Csejka, Bilock, Kocisko

      Also in March 1973 - Cofenas, Prokopovitsh, Murgas, Kovalosky, Kopchak,
      Kancso, Gasparik, Chapkovich, Piroch