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  • Michael Mojher
    May 5, 2008
      I searched the FHC records for Starina and Matysova, the two villages closest to Maly Lipnik. Both had only Greek Catholic records for the 1800's. Plavnica records are Roman Catholic from 1683 to 1926. From these findings and the size of the family tree you have I assume that your family was Roman Catholic. The Plavnica records are on four rolls of film, FHL INTL film 1793215 Item2- 1793216 - 1793217 - 1793218 Items 1-2.
      I am looking at roll 1793216. Last night I found a Paulus Knat / Susanna Scerbak entry. Scerbak is my grandmother's maiden name. The entry was from 1878. Susanna would have been of the same generation as Ann Knat-Gladis, born 1850. My grandmother, Helena Scerbak, was born in 1884. It just might be, as they say in Slovakia, knee cousins through your Knat line.
      What you find is that over the years every family in the area over the course of the 250 years that records have been kept have intermarried at sometime. The further back you go in the records for Plavnica the more there are years missing. You should be able to continue the line back for several more generations from Andrew Gladis, born 1841. A rule of thumb is a generation is separated by about 20 years. So there could be two more generations in the 1800's.
      I you can find the source of the information that your family tree came from that would be very useful. The FHC library and the Slovak Archives are the two sources generally used. Each village keeps records, but those cover from the late 1800's to the present. The State Regional Archives in Presov is where the church registers for our area are kept.
      We can continue our communication through our e-mail. That way if I need to send you an attachment it will go through, mgmojher@....
      Michael Mojher

      From: mshadesflickr
      Sent: Monday, May 05, 2008 5:35 AM
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      Subject: [S-R] Re: A new member's introduction....

      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Mojher" <mgmojher@...>
      > Chris,
      > With so many of the younger generation taking English as a
      >second language it is very easy to find someone who can translate
      >your letter.
      > I will be in Plavnica for at least a week in early July. If
      >there is anything I can do for you while I'm there let me know.
      > With 82 pages of genealogy it would appear that you should have
      >a substantial family tree developed. Is there anything in particular
      >that you are interested in finding?

      The genealogy that my cousin did is extremely detailed, as far as the
      descendants of my g-g-grandfather are concerned. What I'm interested
      in is mainly information on his generation and those before. The
      information my cousin had was scant at best - I know his and his
      wife's names, her maiden name and where they were born. Of their
      parents, brothers and sisters, all there are are a few names and
      speculation. He also found a reference to the Gladis name going back
      to 1348 (in a German coat-of-arms book published in 1878). I'm not
      quite up to going that far back in time, but it at least gives me a
      distant target.

      There are also some gaps in the tree that need filling - I've been
      contacted by a Gladis living in Kosice who is very interested in
      knowing where he fits into the larger tree. Once I know what I'm
      looking for, I can probably ask him to do some legwork as well. I've
      sent email to the Maly Lipnik editor of tccweb.com in the hopes that
      he might have information as well.


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