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19964RE: [S-R] Feja of Lokca

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  • jim m.
    May 1, 2008
      Here is a little more info.

      My father ANDREW born in Colorado, 1904

      (MUDRONE) brother, Louis born in
      Budapest, Hungary (deceased)

      sister, Pauline,
      also born in Budapest (deceased)

      sister, Mary,
      late of Redding, CA (deceased)

      sister, Jennie,
      late of Glendale, CA (deceased)

      Margaret, ?? CA, deceased

      married Mary Ann
      Butkovich (born in Krivany)

      Richard, Robert (deceased), and me, James

      Grandfather JOHN emigrated from Slovakia 1898 -
      probably born in Lokca

      (MUDRON) had two sons by previous
      marriage (Joseph & John)

      Joseph came to
      America 1903, settled in Joliet, IL

      John stayed on
      in Slovakia and was drowned in the Danube

      first wife died
      - maiden name thought to Anna Lucas

      second wife
      (Anna Valek born in Erdudka or Erdoake)

      believed to have
      had five brothers (Ignatius, Martin, Andrew,

      Joseph, and ?)

      My mother had a cousin (name of STARUH or STARUCH). I thought maybe this
      would help me trace my mother.

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      Subject: [S-R] Feja of Lokca

      >>> Apparently the original name was FAYE but since there were so many
      of them in the area they adopted the grandmother's name of MUDRONE.

      FAYE [sic] = FEJA

      Phone listings suggest Mudron(ova). Look in area code 043 for Feja,
      Fejova, Mudron, Mudronova.

      Village is Lokca, near Namestova.

      You might find relatives in Slovakia who have a telephone listing by
      looking them up in the phone book white pages at

      To use the search engine, you need to complete all the letters of
      last name e.g.: Adam or Adamova. There is no English version of the
      web page.

      Peter Nagy offers English-language instructions

      To locate places in Europe, especially if you are not sure of the
      proper spelling of the place name, the best reference is found at

      ShtetlSeeker will take you there via Mapquest, Multimap or Google.

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