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19956LDS Research

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  • johnqadam
    May 1, 2008
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      >>> Place of origin was supposedly KRIVANY. <<<
      >>> My father ANDREW J was from Locksa Orava. <<<

      When searching for genealogical information, knowing the birth
      village is paramount because records are organized by village not
      nationally, so it is not possible to search on a national basis. It
      is also necessary to know the religion.

      LDS Roman Catholic parish registers of baptisms, marriages and deaths
      for Krivany, Slovakia, formerly Krivány, Sáros, Hungary.

      Krsty 1746-1789 Uzavreté manželstvá 1746-1790 Úmrtia 1746-1790 Krsty
      1791-1852 Uzavreté manželstvá 1791-1852 Úmrtia 1791-1852 Krsty 1853-
      1857 - FHL INTL Film [ 1792772 Items 4-6 ]

      Krsty 1857-1881 Uzavreté manželstvá 1853-1881, 1926-1929 Úmrtia 1853-
      1881 Krsty 1882-1902 Uzavreté manželstvá 1882-1902 Úmrtia 1882-1902
      Druhopisy Krsty, uzavreté manželstvá, úmrtia 1861-1895 - FHL INTL
      Film [ 1792773 Items 1-3 ]

      You can go to the LDS web site to locate your nearest Family History
      Center (FHC) and determine their hours of operation. You will need to
      go there in person to order the film(s). In about a month, the film
      will arrive and you can book a film reader and begin your research.

      I haven't figured out Locksa Orava . . . others are sure to do so.
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