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19954Re: [S-R] LDS Research

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  • Bob Lupcho
    Apr 30, 2008

      Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Progress has been slow
      but I believe that that I will get there.


      On Apr 30, 2008, at 5:02 PM, johnqadam wrote:

      > Bob, your 41-page 1981 family reunion document has arrived. The only
      > certainty is that lineage on your Csintala (GC)/Kocanova (RC) side
      > goes back to Trebisov (GC) and C'elovce (RC). We have already covered
      > the availability of those church records as well as the 1869
      > Hungarian Census for both those communities.
      > As nearly as I can determine, there is no mention whatever of the
      > origins of the Lupcso/Lupc'o side of the family. Some focussed
      > research in US documents might serve to determine that.
      > You have three independent streams for your current research:
      > 1) Follow Csintala in Trebisov GC church records 1775-1924 and the
      > 1869 Hungarian Census
      > 2) Follow Kocan in C'elovce RC church records, 1723 & onward, and the
      > 1869 Hungarian Census
      > 3) Search for Lupcso village of origin in US records. Running through
      > the 34 listings for "LUPC Hungarian/Slovak" on Ellis Island might
      > possibly yield a clue but most point further north in Zemplen Magye =
      > county, as do phone listings.
      > My standing bet of one Canadian Loonie is that Lupcso was known to
      > Csintala and the marriage was "arranged". That would place Lupcso's
      > village of origin within TWO villages of Trebisov. That remains to be
      > seen.

      Bob Lupcho

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