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19823Re: [S-R] David (the name): odd question

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  • J Michutka
    Apr 11, 2008
      On Apr 11, 2008, at 2:07 PM, Margo Smith wrote:

      > Julie, your comment that the illegitimate grooms tend to come from
      > a particular village is very intriguing. What do you know about
      > this village? Does it specialize in anything particular which
      > would attract young men who were illegitimate?

      Yes: pretty girls ;)

      I can only guess; and I can't access the records of The Village of
      Illegitimate Young Men to get any ideas from there, because it is
      across the border in Moravia, and therefore not (yet) microfilmed.
      My guess is that some of the IYM had to look outside their own
      village, and my ancestral village was the next village east; so the
      serious answer to your question is probably "proximity". And perhaps
      the IYM of my ancestral village went to that village to the west to
      look for *their* brides....but w/o being able to look at those
      records, I don't know! One can imagine an exchange between the two
      villages of the socially disenfranchised....heavens, who knows. It
      would be so interesting to be able to compare the two villages'
      records, and try to tease out the relationship between the populations.

      As for names....I've also noticed that the popular names shift a bit,
      but who knows what piece of paper I wrote those notes on. I wish I
      had time to skim the village baptismal records, and see if the David
      pattern is consistent through the entire register (roughly 1800-1910).

      Julie Michutka
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