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19818RE: [S-R] Need Icon pictures!

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  • helene cincebeaux
    Apr 9 6:47 PM
      hi Bill - i agree about the incredible icons in this
      remote region - some 200 years old or more -I was told
      these are very special as they are not so stylized as
      the more formal city icons - but reflect the faces of
      the village people.

      I visited an icon museum in Sanok, Poland and found a
      lot of similarities with the icons i saw in the remote
      wooden churches in eastern Slovakia. As i understand
      it there was a school of icon painters there.

      My all time favorite is a very large icon that shows
      devils tempting sleeping people and the ones they
      caught are being marched to hell on a huge red Mamon's

      Don't miss the icon museum in Bardejov- it is totally
      wonderful with the ancient icons, the carved gates and
      the only iconostatsis inside a museum in the world!

      Then head for the countryside to see some icons in
      their original homes - you can't failed to be moved by
      the tiny doorways - thinking of my favorite one that
      has roses painted around it and even the shortest
      person has to duck; the atmosphere of holiness and the
      prayers of hundreds of years surround you. It's magic!


      -- Bill Tarkulich <bill.tarkulich@...> wrote:

      > I have many from several Eastern Slovakia wooden
      > churches. They were taken
      > before digital cameras, so they would need to be
      > scanned.
      > Also, regarding origins of icons. I have one book
      > from the Saris region,
      > which suggests that most of these icons, at least in
      > the east, were created
      > in a monastery, most likely Lvov (now in Ukraine.)
      > but the actual
      > iconographer will never be known.
      > It is very, very haunting to travel around the
      > region and see the same faces
      > and same styles. I always wondered how these
      > churches in poor rural
      > villages acquired them. I suppose the church
      > provided them?
      > Bill
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      > Subject: [S-R] Need Icon pictures!
      > Our MN Rusin Association is exhibiting once again at
      > the Festival of Nations
      > the first weekend in May. This year's theme is Art
      > and Architecture and we
      > are featuring the architecture of the wooden
      > churches. We have a "mini
      > iconostas" with which we need to furnish five icons
      > plus one for behind the
      > "altar table." I am trying to find pictures of
      > icons from the same church
      > so that the iconography is the same style and
      > preferably a more simple, folk
      > style. The pictures must be sharp enough to be
      > blown up so that they fit
      > the iconostas. Obviously we will need one of Christ
      > and one of the
      > Theotokos and Christ Child. We will have two
      > additional panels and would
      > like to have Sts. Cyril and Methodius and St.
      > Nicholas but I am not going to
      > be choosy...I will take whatever I can find. Also
      > we need the Last Supper
      > and something appropriate to hang behind the altar,
      > perhaps the Ascension.
      > If you have taken photos inside one of the wooden
      > churches and are willing
      > to share these with us we would greatly appreciate
      > it. I have scoured
      > several books and unfortunately most of the pictures
      > were either taken from
      > a distance, at an angle or have a lampada hanging in
      > front of them.
      > Thank you!
      > Polly Russinik Walker
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