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19817RE: [S-R] Need Icon pictures!

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    Apr 9, 2008
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      I have many from several Eastern Slovakia wooden churches. They were taken
      before digital cameras, so they would need to be scanned.

      Also, regarding origins of icons. I have one book from the Saris region,
      which suggests that most of these icons, at least in the east, were created
      in a monastery, most likely Lvov (now in Ukraine.) but the actual
      iconographer will never be known.

      It is very, very haunting to travel around the region and see the same faces
      and same styles. I always wondered how these churches in poor rural
      villages acquired them. I suppose the church provided them?


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      Our MN Rusin Association is exhibiting once again at the Festival of Nations
      the first weekend in May. This year's theme is Art and Architecture and we
      are featuring the architecture of the wooden churches. We have a "mini
      iconostas" with which we need to furnish five icons plus one for behind the
      "altar table." I am trying to find pictures of icons from the same church
      so that the iconography is the same style and preferably a more simple, folk
      style. The pictures must be sharp enough to be blown up so that they fit
      the iconostas. Obviously we will need one of Christ and one of the
      Theotokos and Christ Child. We will have two additional panels and would
      like to have Sts. Cyril and Methodius and St. Nicholas but I am not going to
      be choosy...I will take whatever I can find. Also we need the Last Supper
      and something appropriate to hang behind the altar, perhaps the Ascension.

      If you have taken photos inside one of the wooden churches and are willing
      to share these with us we would greatly appreciate it. I have scoured
      several books and unfortunately most of the pictures were either taken from
      a distance, at an angle or have a lampada hanging in front of them.

      Thank you!

      Polly Russinik Walker

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