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19508Re: [S-R] Klacsano - photo of church for Bill Tarkulich

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  • gklodzen@aol.com
    Feb 5, 2008

      I'd be quite surprised if my family descended from nobility, but hey, always
      a possibility. I will dig a little deeper and see where it leads. For the
      present, I'm just happy to have found the grandparents and great-grandparents in

      Thank you for your information,

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      konekta@... writes:

      Dear Eugene,
      If somebody has a name associated with a place name, then he most probably
      is a descendant of the first mayor of that place.
      However, surnames of this sort were created before 16th century, so just no
      way to find out anything more about that, except the family was noble, where
      some additional records might be available.


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      Subject: Re: [S-R] Klacsano - photo of church for Bill Tarkulich

      Hi Bill,

      This discussion of the village of Klacsano is quite intriguing. While my
      19th century ancestors named KLADZAN have been traced to the village of
      Vinne as
      far back as 1813 I am now wondering if perhaps a more distant ancestor might

      have been from Klacsano (thus acquiring the surname KLADZAN), not too far
      southeast of Vinne. Of course the more likely location of that ancestor
      still be the village of Kladzan, a few miles northwest of Vinne.

      All very fascinating. The research continues.

      Eugene Klodzen
      (whose Vinne ancestors eventually immigrated to Bitumen, PA in the late

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      bill.tarkulich@ <mailto:bill.mailto:bilmailto:bill> iabsi.com writes:

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      , "June McKee" <junemckee@.ju> wrote:
      > Hi Bill,
      > As you can see this conversation was from a few months ago. I sent
      an email to your other address but I am not sure If you recieved it.
      If the offer is still there regarding the photo of the Parish in
      Klacsano I would love to see a copy of it whenever you get a chance. I
      had forgot about this and just came across the posting this evening
      while going thru old messages. I am still waiting for Homeland
      Security to resend me the copy of my gm's immigration papers which I
      had recieved back in November but they were so faint I couldnt make
      too much out. I sure hope that this time they will be able to be read
      so I can make out what the name of her homeland villiage was for sure.
      I asked if they could send me a cd which they normally do not do if
      there are less than 11 pages but I must have really got a nice helpful
      person because she told me that she would. I am thinking that it may
      be easier to read a cd.
      > I also want to thank you for all of the help that you have given and
      sending me in the right direction.
      > June McKee
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Bill Tarkulich
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      > Sent: Monday, November 26, 2007 12:28 AM
      > Subject: Re: [S-R] Klacsano - photo of church
      > June,
      > I have a book with a 1997 photo and brief history of the church in
      > village. The current building was constructed in 1820, the parish
      > in 1733. If you are interested, drop me a (private) note and I
      would be
      > happy to scan and email it to you. It's written in Ukrainian, I will
      > leave it to you to be translated.
      > Bill
      > On Mon, November 26, 2007 3:07 am, Bill Tarkulich wrote:
      > > I was told several years ago that Klaczano was possibly an
      > >> old name for Munkacs? or possibly very nearby.
      > > - Yes, it is nearby to Munkacs as Janet indicates.
      > >
      > > Depending on the translation, it could be rendered as KLJACSANOVO,
      > > I found it on Mapquest, rendered as KLIACHANOVE:
      > > __http://tinyurl._ (http://tinyurl./) <_http://tinyurl.http://tiny_
      (http://tinyurl.http//tin_) > _http://tin__ (http://tin_/)
      (_http://tinyurl._ (http://tinyurl./) <_http://tinyurl.http://tin_
      (http://tinyurl.com/2ho6wk) > com/2ho6wk)
      > >
      > > Another contemporary map, more detailed, is here:
      > > __http://tinyurl._ (http://tinyurl./) <_http://tinyurl.http://tiny_
      (http://tinyurl.http//tin_) > _http://tin__ (http://tin_/)
      (_http://tinyurl._ (http://tinyurl./) <_http://tinyurl.http://tin_
      (http://tinyurl.com/34cgw2) > com/34cgw2)
      > > It's clearly visible on highway M17 just Northwest of Munkacs.
      > >
      > > Based on June's rendering, Elocona very likely could be Klacsano
      based on
      > > cursive errors alone. I would like to see a copy, I know you've
      > > Latin vowels are often misinterpreted. KLACZANO would have been the
      > > Magyar spelling at some point.
      > >
      > > What June has said all makes sense - It would have been in
      > > 1st republic from 1918 until 1939, in Hungary prior to that period.
      > >
      > > Bill
      > > On Sun, November 25, 2007 11:26 pm, Janet Kozlay wrote:
      > >> Klacsano was a village just northwest of Munkacs. See map at
      > >> __http://lazarus._ (http://lazarus./)
      <_http://lazarus.http://lazarus.http://lazahttp:/_ (http://lazarus.http//lazarhttp://lazhttp://laz_) >
      _http://lazarhttp:http://lazhttp:/_ (http://lazarhttp//lazhttp://laz_)
      (_http://lazarus._ (http://lazarus./)
      <_http://lazarus.http://lazarhttp://lazhttp://laz_ (http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/maps/1910/bereg.jpg.) >
      > >>
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> I haven't been able to identify it on a modern map of Ukraine.
      It might
      > >> be
      > >> Suche, or it might have simply disappeared.
      > >>
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> Janet
      > >>
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> _____
      > >>
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      > >> On
      > >> Behalf Of junemckee
      > >> Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2007 10:33 PM
      <mailto:SLOVAK-mailto:SLOVAK-<Wmailto:> yahoogroups.
      > >> Subject: [S-R] finally got the immigration papers
      > >>
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> Well after reading Paula's posting lastweek regarding her papers
      > >> coming back and not being able to read them it has just happened to
      > >> me aswell. after 18mos of waiting I recieved my grandmother Meri
      > >> Boldizar "Kolina" immigration papers. I got the declaration of
      > >> intention, petition for naturalaization and the certificate
      .Welll I
      > >> cant hardly read anything!!!! cant hardly read anything!!!!<WBR>! I ha
      > >> all these months and then what a disapointment. I gave them a call
      > >> and the person which I spoke with is going to see if they can get a
      > >> better copy for me. Of course of all the things that I really
      need is
      > >> to be able to read the village in which she came from and it is
      > >> difficult. The lady helping me on the phone tried to read it to me
      > >> the best that she could and thinks that the village looks like it
      > >> could be spelled "Elocona" the E could be an "F". it says
      > >> Czechslovakia hungary. I have always been told that she was from
      > >> Munkacs. The EI manifest which I believe to be her says she
      came from
      > >> Klaczano. I was told several years ago that Klaczano was
      possibly an
      > >> old name for Munkacs? or possibly very nearby. Does anyone know who
      > >> would be familiar with this area? I checked the fuzzy Gazzetter and
      > >> several other sites but couldnt get anything. I also have played
      > >> around with scanning them and nothing works. so much of the
      print is
      > >> gone.
      > >>
      > >> thank you,
      > >> June

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