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19496Re: [S-R] overwhelmed by LDS research!

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  • J Michutka
    Feb 5 7:15 PM
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      On Feb 5, 2008, at 9:33 PM, Bill Tarkulich wrote:

      > It takes the first sitting just to get your bearings.

      Oh, yeah!

      Probably everyone has their tricks for working with a film and
      keeping track of things. For each village film, I have a paper that
      has the village name and film numbers and on each film the order of
      the records, eg Village A, film #1234567, baptisms 1801-1825,
      confirmations 1813, marriages 1811-1836, confirmations 1836, deaths
      1800-1845; film #1234568, baptisms <etc>.

      On another paper I make a chart that has village names down the side,
      and then across the top, the words births, marriages, deaths,
      confirmations. Only about 4 villages down the side, because I want
      big squares to write in. As I hopscotch (sometimes) through the
      records, I note which years I've read through line-by-line; so in the
      square for village A, baptisms, I might have written "1798-1805"
      "1836" "1875-1898". It doesn't mean that I won't revisit years that
      I've read through, but I can't tell you how many times I've asked
      myself "did I ever go through that year?" and I just have to check my
      paper. It also tells me which years still need a read-through.

      I also keep a couple of different kinds of research logs; but the
      above are what I do to keep track of my microfilm work in a very
      general way.

      Julie Michutka
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