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19486Re: [S-R] Klacsano - photo of church for Bill Tarkulich

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  • Margo Smith
    Feb 5, 2008
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      Eugene, Vladimir will probably expand on this reply because he is the expert. In the meantime, the Urbars are the old feudal tax records which list the serf taxpayers. The records from 1770ish are available on microfilm from the Family History Centers. In the list of microfilms, they are Urberi tabellak 1767-1773. The documents are in archaic Slovak and Latin.

      Also, Richard Marsina and Michal Kusik wrote Urbare feudalnych pastiev na Slovensku (1959). Vol. 1 deals with the 16th century and Vol. 2 with the 17th century. I ordered this on interlibrary loan at my local public library. The information presented varies from year to year.

      Rajec near Zilina has a nice little restaurant. But it is also very near Rajec Teplice, my favorite spa in all Slovakia. The old building is very ornate. There is live music and dancing on summer evenings. And a small bar next to the pool serves slivovce.


      gklodzen@... wrote:

      A much more likely possibility, Vladimir. Some questions, please. What is
      the meaning of Urbars, and is this record available? Also, where is the town
      of Rajec?

      Many thanks,

      In a message dated 2/4/2008 2:10:53 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      konekta@... writes:

      Dear Eugene,
      In available Urbars I found one occurence of
      Klaczan surname of a serf in 1688, town of Rajec, Estate of Zilina Jesuites.

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