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19473Re: [S-R] Name Change

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  • Andrea Vangor
    Feb 3, 2008
      Right you are. My Klinka relatives show up in the Bridgeport newspaper as "Clinker". You have the right idear, Bill.

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      From: William F Brna
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      Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2008 4:50 PM
      Subject: Re: [S-R] Name Change

      Of course, if he lived in Massachusetts rather than New Jersey, the
      answer is obvious. That's the way that a final "a" is pronounced, e. g.,
      Cuba is pronounced Cuber.

      Bill Brna

      On Mon, 04 Feb 2008 00:27:14 -0000 "Dennis and Donna"
      <ddhalusker@...> writes:
      That is interesting. I never heard it explained in such a way.

      I guess then that is that. Unless others can further share a story or


      - In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, MILAN HUBA <illy@...> wrote:
      > After coming to America, my maternal grandfather changed the
      spelling of this name at least four times. This was done
      informally...he just started signing his name differently. The
      various name changes are reflected on various documents including the
      birth certificates of his children.
      > In his case, he was trying to retain the original European
      pronunciation of his name. If he retained the European spelling, his
      name would have been pronounced or would have sounded differently in
      English. Each time he changed the spelling of his name, he was
      refining the process, trying to get the English spelling even closer
      to the correct European sound.
      > It is perfectly legal to unofficially change your name unless of
      course this is done with the intent to defraud someone else.
      > Dennis and Donna <ddhalusker@...> wrote:
      > I return once again to the Pros here at Slovak-Roots. I am seeking a
      > direction to follow in searching for the origin of Our Family name
      > changed.
      > As I understand it,My Grand Father wishing to have a more American
      > sounding name changed his from "Haluska" to "Halusker".
      > This I have heard through Family History and the fact that all
      > I have for My Great Grand Father are for Haluska up to and
      including his
      > Death. My Grand Father's BC also has Haluska as a Surname. At some
      > point in time he began using Halusker.
      > This could have been done when he recieved his SS# became Employed
      > the Erie Rail Road or some time before he Married My Grand Mother.
      > list Halusker and not Haluska.
      > What do you guys think? Could he have done this on his own or could
      > be a legal thing through the courts.
      > Charles Halusker Jr. Resided in Garfield NJ at least until 1934
      when he
      > Married in Cliffside Park.
      > How does one begin this search?
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