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19248Re: [S-R] Lubovna,,/Lubovniansky Kupella

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  • nhasior@aol.com
    Dec 30, 2007
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      Hi Ron and Helene,
      Just wanted to add that Luboviansky Kupella is beautiful. I walked down a
      path while there and saw people filling plastic water bottles with running
      water coming through a pipe. Also, people rolled their pants up to their knees
      and walked in the waters collecting in a pool. It was the spring time so of
      course the ski course was not in use but people were hiking up and down the
      Yes, I found the exact map you speak of Ron, which has Lublo Furdo.
      This area of Slovakia apparently has many spas.
      Helene, what threw my search off for my grandmother was that she listed her
      village of origin as LubloFurdo, when in reality was not accurate as far as
      LDS records go. It turned out to be Lubicke Kupele a short distance away, that
      had her birth record. I still believe that she may have spent time in
      Lubovniansky Kupella, possibly just as she and her children were leaving to join
      her husband in New Jersey. My mother used to sing about Majorka, which I
      thought was her singing about a place in Spain. In reality, she was singing
      about Majerka, which is the village where her mother's mother was born and just
      a short hop north of Lubicke Kupele. Remembering her song is the only reason
      I found my grandmother's birth village.
      I spent years searching the LDS records of both Nova Lubovna and Stara
      Lubovna. Ron mentions Olublo and this came up many times in my search. You
      mentioned once in an email that you visited Ilhany, which is another area of the
      Furdo (Kupelle) areas. I must look again and send to you the history of
      Lubicke Kupele in English. It may contain a hint.
      My thought is that Lublo covers a lot of ground in Spis.

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