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18935Czech Bible (Corpus Kralickeho)

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  • hyperlexiadaddy
    Nov 18, 2007
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      I have a big, leather bound Bible printed in
      London in 1957. It weighs about 6 pounds.
      It's the translation of the 1613 Czech Bible.
      Word has it that it is Old Czech, not the current
      spoken Czech. I'm not sure how different it is,
      but this would have been the Bible Czech
      relatives would have been reading prior to
      My background is Eastern Slovak, not Czech, so
      I'd like to see someone with a Czech background
      have it.
      So...if you'd like it, and are willing to pay the
      postage from California, let me know.
      The first one who replies to this post
      will get the Bible.
      Dave Jenco
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