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18736Re: [S-R] Our forefathers were very brave...

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  • nhasior@aol.com
    Nov 1, 2007
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      Yes, they certainly were very brave. My father's mother came over at the
      age of 16,( said that she was 18, )and arrived alone without any plans except
      to go to Passaic where "Slovaks go for work" and find someone to board with.
      She was the reason I started genealogy. I wanted to get to know more of her
      beginnings. I was in total awe of her.

      "Our forefathers or foremothers were certainly very brave".....or desperate.

      tk500 <_takavulla@sbcglobaltaka_ (mailto:takavulla@...) > wrote:
      In looking at the manifest, I was not able to tell if Anna Dzamba had a
      sponsor. there is no record of my grandfather coming over, although a
      date is mentioned in his naturalization papers. It still just seems
      incredibly bravde that a 19 year old girl without much education takes
      off on a voyage halfway across the world.

      Our forefathers or foremothers were certainly very brave.

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