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18670Re: [S-R] My Slovak Roots

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  • david1law@aol.com
    Oct 28, 2007
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      Hi Jennifer:

      I did find a JAN (JOHN) OVAT in the ELLIS ISLAND database who immigrated to
      the United States in 1922 from BASKOVCE, CZECHOSLOVAKIA (single at the time),
      but he was 25 years old when he immigrated so that likely means tha. There
      were, however, only four individuals with the exact spelling OVAT in the
      Ellis Island database, so it could potentially be a clue. The main thing would
      be to find information in the U.S., such as naturalization documents, which
      may list an ancestral village. Finding the ancestral village is the critical
      part. Otherwise, you may find someone with a similar first and last name,
      but the wrong person, and wind up on the proverbial wild goose chase.
      Sometimes, talking to living relatives (even if you have done so in the past) may
      also be helpful, as a repeated inquiry may perhaps jog a memory. If they came
      through Ellis Island, then I highly recommend Steve Morse's one stop search
      engine at the following website:

      _www.stevemorse.org_ (http://www.stevemorse.org) .

      His search engine helped me find my grandfather's record (which was slightly
      misspelled) after searching for a long time using other methods. The great
      thing about the one-stop search engine is that is lets one search by, among
      other methods, using just the first several letters of a surname. With a
      surname like OVAT, it may be helpful to take a look. I also highly recommend Bill
      Tarkulich's Eastern Genealogical Research Strategies website at
      _www.iabsi.com_ (http://www.iabsi.com) . It is a great, great resource, and I often use
      his website as a springboard for my further research. I hope this helps a
      little. The key is in finding the right village, and Bill's website has a
      great number of tips on just that subject.

      Best regards,


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