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18148RE: [S-R] Score! Finally verified place of birth for my great-grandfather.

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  • Marilyn Hertenstein
    Sep 6, 2007
      I have a copy of a record of a Joannes Melikant, born June 23, baptized June
      24, 1875, son of Joannes Melikant of Olsse and Helena Franko of
      Csepanfalvu, Catholic, and a term which a few of us some time ago determined
      to be miner because the area had lots of mineral mines. Michael and
      Elizabeth Krajnyak were Godparents or witnesses, and Joannes Mihalik was the
      Minister. The family resided in Olsse #84. If you give me your email
      address, I can send it to you.

      (My grandparents were baptized in the same church. VARSA was their name)


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      John Mellikant was born 23 Jun 1874 and Mary Hrisz was born on 12 Aug
      1884 (both my and my oldest daughter's b-day is Aug 12).

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      > I have been researching in the records from Markusovce, Slovakia (St.
      > Michaels Roman Catholic Church), from LDS, and I have seen many
      listings for
      > the name Melinkant and most of the time they are from Olsse. The
      > script used in the books often shows the double "s" looking like "fs"
      > without the "f" being crossed, so be aware that if is a double S and
      not FS.
      > I have an 1800 map showing "Iglo" where more modern maps show
      Spisska Nova
      > Ves, which I can forward to you if you like.
      > Do you have an exact date of birth, or just a guess? Do you have a
      date of
      > birth for Maria? There are Hritz from that area also.
      > Happy Hunting,
      > Marilyn
      > _____
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      > Subject: [S-R] Score! Finally verified place of birth for my
      > great-grandfather.
      > First I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jim Mellicant. I've
      > just developed the "genealogy bug" about a month ago (thirty years too
      > late, afaic) and I've been lurking here for about that time.
      > My family name originally (at least in the US) was Mellikant but my
      > father's birth certificate had an improper spelling and because he
      > grew up in a foster home the name stuck.
      > Because of the circumstances of my father's childhood we have very
      > little info regarding his family. The few things I did know was the
      > country of origin may have been a town called Olshow somehere in the
      > Austria Hungary Empire. I have been able to piece together some info
      > online but would welcome any advice anyone may have to offer.
      > My great-grandfather's name was John Valentine Mellikant and he was
      > born in 1874 and immigrated to the US in 1894. He settled in Chicago
      > and married Mary Hrisz who also immigrated to the US but in 1896 (from
      > exactly where I don't yet know).
      > Today I learned that he put Iglo, Austria as his place of birth on his
      > WWI Draft Registration Card. (My father visited the National Archives
      > office in Chicago yesterday and got the record.)
      > Prior to this, from online research, I speculated that he came from
      > Olsse, Slovakia near Spisska Nova Ves. There are many existing
      > Melikant's in the area (original family name spelling?) and from some
      > other "Melikant" documents I've found on the web this looked
      > promising. I have been able to associate Iglo and Spisska Nova Ves
      > online so I think there is a definite connection.
      > As I said I'd appreciate any comments or observations anyone my want
      > to toss my way. Thanks.
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