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18142Re: Score! Finally verified place of birth for my great-grandfather.

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  • johnqadam
    Sep 6, 2007
      >>> origin may have been a town called Olshow somehere in the
      Austria Hungary Empire. . . . born in 1874 and immigrated to
      the US in 1894. . . . Iglo, Austria as his place of birth . . .
      I speculated that he came from Olsse, Slovakia near Spisska Nova Ves.

      When searching for genealogical information, knowing the birth
      village is paramount because records are organized by village not
      nationally, so it is not possible to search on a national basis. It
      is also necessary to know the >>>religion<<<.

      Let's focus on PLACE and not NAME.

      Iglo = Spisske Nova Ves may be close or even actual. 8km EsE is the
      tiny village of Ols'a, which may be the actual family base. On the
      1910 Szepes Megye = county map it shows as Olosbanya.

      The church records for Ols'a are probably found with Markusovce.

      So, we are looking for a birth in 1874 in the _______________
      religion church records of either Spisska Nova Ves or Markusovce.

      To locate church records for Slovakia, knowing the village/town name,
      go to the LDS web site:
      www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHLC/frameset_fhlc.asp The church
      records cover baptisms (krsteni), marriages (sobeseni) and deaths

      You can go to the LDS web site to locate your nearest Family History
      Center (FHC) and determine their hours of operation. You will need to
      go there in person to order the film(s). In about a month, the film
      will arrive and you can book a film reader and begin your research.

      If you want to see who lived in Markusovce in 1869, check the cnesus
      Márkus-Csépánfalu (Markušovce) Film #2149898 Item 3

      Good luck.
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