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  • Janet Kozlay
    Aug 30, 2007
      Dear Julia,

      The names Tornoczki, Tornoczi, and Tornoci all mean "from Tornoc," a village
      in old Nyitra county in Hungary which Michael has identified for you.

      "cz" is an obsolete Hungarian letter which has now been replaced by "c" and
      is pronounced "ts."

      Though Michael did not find this name in the Slovak phone book, there are 49
      entries in the Hungarian phone book.

      Just because the name related to the village of Tornoc does not mean that
      you would find people of that name in Trnovec nad Vahom today. In fact, a
      person was probably given this name because he was "from Tornocz" to
      distinguish him from others with the same given name. In other words, he
      would probably not have been living there at the time but had moved
      elsewhere. Also, family names were adopted several hundred years ago.
      Finally, Mihaly is a Hungarian given name, not a Slovak one, so it is
      unlikely that he was living in present-day Slovakia.

      Unless you can locate information that would suggest where Mihaly lived, it
      will be very difficult for you to locate relatives. Many of those in the
      phone book live in Budapest, which is a very large city. Unless you have
      already done so, I suggest you read about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution,
      much of which took place in Budapest. If you are up to the task, you might
      try writing to all of those in the phone book to see if anyone remembers
      Mihaly. To find their addresses, go to

      http://www.magyartelekom.hu/english/main.vm and do an Advanced Search on
      TORNOC, asking to search for similar names.

      Good luck, Janet


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      Subject: Re: [S-R] tornoczki

      Welcome to Slovak-Roots.
      I couldn't find Tornoc in my Slovakia Atlas. A Google search says that it is
      now called Trnovec nad Vahom. It is across the Vah River from the city of
      Sala. Both are 32 km / 19miles east of Bratislava. Trnovec nad Vahom has a
      population of 2500+. It is about 75% Slovak and 25% Hungarian.
      Michael Mojher
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      From: Julia Anderson
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      Subject: [S-R] tornoczki

      Dear All,
      New member, just joined. I am looking to find my father
      Mihaly Tornoczki who left Hungary in 1956. Date of birth 16 Sept 1926. I do
      not know from where he came in Hungary.
      I'm also interested in finding any relatives.
      I've been told that Tornoczki could have originated from the village of
      Tornoc(z) which is now in Slovak, hence
      I've joined this list. Please if anyone comes across a Mihaly Tornoczki
      please let me know.
      Kind regards
      Julia Anderson

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