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  • Michael Mojher
    Jul 9 7:52 PM
      Having just got back ten days ago from a month in Slovakia I noticed the e-mails on traveling there. This was my fifth trip since 2001.
      I can only say what my experience has been.
      I have never been asked about medical insurance or financial ability.
      Got the International Drivers Licence, was never asked for one.
      The economy is against the dollar. On this trip it was 25SK to $1. On the last trip it was 33 to 1. So the SK has gone up in value by 33% from 3 cents to 4 cents.
      Nonetheless, Slovakia is an overall bargain. Because of the amount of things imported one has to shop wisely. The locally produced items are a bargain vs those from the EU countries.
      Not surprisingly Bratislava was the most expensive for room and board. Our room on the botel Gracia was equal to $110 a night. But on our road trip we were staying in wonderful penzions where $30-50 a night could get you wonderful rooms and breakfasts. Restaurants are the bargain. We had consistantly good to excellent food. $10 to 15 a person with all drinks was the range for dinners. Lunchs usually in the $5 to 10 range.
      Our van used diesel. For the month we did three fill-ups, they averaged $80. We put over 2500 miles on the van in that month. Slovakia is small enough that a lot of terrritory can be covered on a single tank. Seeing Slovakia by road was worth the effort. Bratislava was difficult because seeing "road signs" are next to impossible. They are usually on the buildings at the intersections. They are small and easily lost in the jumble of other signs. Off the main roads a very good road atlas is a must. There are no road signs off the main roads in a lot of cases.
      I went through three of Bratislava's mall's. The names may be different but the stores are very much the same as our's. The prices are high, the average Slovak. In eastern Slovakia the average salary now is around $475. But the goods in the mall's sell for EU prices. So while they look like a bargain to us visitors they are not for the locals. Many people I know when nessesities for the month are paid for they are happy to have $75 for everythings else that month.
      The latest from Slovakia.
      Michael Mojher

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