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1734Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] Questions

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  • Kathleen Duvall
    Jun 6, 2000
      > I'm very new to all of this, but I noticed you are in Florida. I live just
      > south of Pittsburgh, and I'd be more than happy to help you with anything I
      > can from here. You all have been so helpful already (and I've only been on
      > this group since this morning!), so just ask if you need a Pittsburgh
      > connection! Anita B.>

      Which makes me think -- there seemed to be a large Hungarian
      population in Pittsburgh. I wonder why there? Was it because some
      Hungarians arrived there and "sponsored" others?

      Which also brings me to another question. I found my great-uncles in
      the Social Security death index and got copies of their Social Security
      card applications, but since I couldn't find my grandmother, I assumed
      she had never gotten a Social Security card. I had heard that women
      were not required to be naturalized? She did domestic and waitress
      work, and I thought maybe she just never got into the system.

      I was also wondering if such a thing as a "green card" existed back
      then (1911 and on)?

      I remember my grandmother telling me she couldn't vote because she
      wasn't a citizen. But when I got her death certificate, I see she did have
      a social security number! Is there anywhere else I could use that social
      security number to find out more information about her?

      Thanks so much!

      Kathleen in Florida
      researching GALEK, HUTZMAN
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