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17229[S-R] I have not forgotten you and waiting to get another scanner that will work

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  • Frank R. Plichta
    Jun 7, 2007
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      I'd like to clear up some terminology.

      There are no "Original Certificates". The "Original" record is recorded in
      a ledger style book. So all certificates are transcriptions of the original
      ledger book.

      While handwriting does change over time, the individuals who prepare the
      "transcribed certificates" do it all the time for all sorts of reasons. If
      anyone is best qualified to read the old cursive handwriting, it is the
      people who prepare the "transcribed certificates" for a living. Remember,
      they are also looking at the original record. Plus they are usually
      familiar with the names and rarely need to decipher unusual letters. While
      some records have not weathered the passage of time very well, you are still
      getting a "transcribed certificate" from the people who are most familiar
      with the records.

      Frank R. Plichta

      Galax, Virginia

      "Searching the World for PLICHTAs"


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      > >>> Grandmother's birth certificate I finally found says father
      > Tracs and mother Mary Durta. <<<
      > Is the birth certificate "original" or a more recent transcription of
      > a church record? If a transcription, I would not necessarily trust
      > spelling. The original church record could be very hard to read.
      > on what is most important . . .
      > Don't keep us in suspense. If you can't figure out the birth
      > certificate, can you scan or fax it?

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