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16931RE: [S-R] Extent of Ottoman Empire in Upper Hungary (Slovakia)

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  • konekta@nm.psg.sk
    May 7, 2007
      Dear David,
      Hrisovce had 53 house numbers in 1869 Census.
      #25 was Alojz Tomasov
      I have a client, who also has ancestors from Hrisovce ( actually I am
      working on that right now).
      The whole village was heavily interrelated.
      Please, contact me off list.


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      Hi Paul:

      It would be hard to tell, based upon looks alone, whether any bloodline
      traces back to an Asian ancestor, although it certainly possible. The city
      PRESOV in SARIS county was a cross-roads to the north and south, as well as
      the east and west, and over time, there were at least several Asian groups
      that may have influenced the genetics of the population, including the
      the Cumans, and the Sarmatians. Interestingly, the Slavic name for the
      Cumans -- POLOVTSI means "pale" or "yellow" so that may also be a
      possibility. In
      addition, a Sarmatian tribe known as the IAZYGES (JASZ in Hungarian),
      another ethnic group from the Sea of Azov area in Asia, probably had the
      profound interaction with the Slavs, and were a neighboring people as the
      word for
      "tongue" / "language" / "accent" in Slovak is JAZYK and derived from the
      name of the Sarmatian IAZGYES/JAZYGES.

      _http://en.wikipedia <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iazyges_>
      .org/wiki/Iazyges_ (http://en.wikipedia
      <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iazyges> .org/wiki/Iazyges)

      Indeed, according to Polish tradition and legend, there is a connection
      between the Sarmatians and Polish nobility.

      _http://en.wikipedia <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarmatians_>
      (http://en.wikipedia <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarmatians>

      I find the history of the territory of Slovakia and the various ethnic
      groups who influenced the region over the centuries to be quite fascinating.
      the way, there was a great show on the History Channel's Digging for the
      with Josh Bernstein regarding the Mongols and tracing some the DNA of some
      modern day Mongols back to Genghis Khan. I believe it was the episode "Lost
      World of Genghis Khan." You may be able to find some information about the
      show on the web if you do a GOOGLE search).

      Your surname -- TOMASKO -- also caught my attention. One of my great,
      great, great grandmothers is a SUSANNA TOMASOV. I have found the TOMASOV
      to be rather uncommon in Slovakia, and it has been mentioned to me from a
      very reliable source that there are other variations of the surname, one of
      which may be TOMASKO. (Helene, if you are reading this posting, please be so
      as to refresh my recollection as to other derivations of the TOMASOV
      surname. I believe you mentioned to me a long time ago that it may be
      like TOMKO or TOMASKO). My TOMASOV clan is from the village of HRISOVCE in
      county, right on the border of SARIS. I do not know if there is any
      connection, but you never know.

      Best regards,


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