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16926Re: [S-R] Extent of Ottoman Empire in Upper Hungary (Slovakia)

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  • david1law@aol.com
    May 7, 2007

      In regard to the Cumans (also known as POLOVCY in Russian and POLOVTSI in
      Ukrainian), there are several counties in Hungarian -- BACS-KISKUN and
      JASZ-NAGYKUN-SZOLNOK that had significant populations of Cumans (KUN in Hungarian --
      KUNOK (plural) in Hungarian). I believe that the PALOC people in NOGRAD
      county -- centered around HOLLOKO -- may possibly be of Cuman origin as well, as
      I have seen a reference that the name is derived from the Slavic name for the
      Cumans. The village of HOLLOKO in northern Hungary is on the UNESCO World
      Heritage List.

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