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16914Re: Extent of Ottoman Empire in Upper Hungary (Slovakia)

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  • amiak27
    May 6, 2007
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      I did a quick Google search using their "images" function (above the
      search bar) and came up with

      among other results. In reading history, I have run across no
      specific maps down to the village level, nor for the similar Hungarian
      occupation of southern Slovakia in 1939 (other than one I failed to
      photograph in the Budapest Ethnographic Museum). So I believe you
      will have to sort out the history from specifics of your local area.
      There is no easy answer, in other words.

      Remember also that even with the limits of Turkish occupation, the
      northern and eastern parts of Slovakia were fortified to fight off
      Turkish incursions into Northern Hungary (Slovakia). Thus the Spis
      castle was reinforced & expanded at that time to provide better
      protection from Turkish raids.

      Invariably all Turks and Hungarians I have met outside of Slovakia are
      great people.

      One last hint. I have found that with most internet graphics I can
      copy the image with a right click & insert it into a photo program
      (Irfanview is great) and can enlarge it to make it easier to read and
      comprehend. I just redid the image above from 618 pixels wide to 1200
      wide, and while not perfectly clear, I can locate known Slovak towns.
      This map seems to confirm what Vlad said, the Turks were only in the
      southern reaches of Slovakia.


      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "fernbrough" <rmom@...> wrote:
      > Are there any maps that show the extent the Ottoman Empire extended in
      > current day eastern Slovakia in the 1600's?
      > I am specifically interested in seeing a map(s) at village level.
      > My relatives came from Raslavice (Saros), Mala Vieska (Saros)and
      > Komarany (Zemplin).
      > Thanks in advance.
      > Bob S.
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