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1685Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] From the listowner

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  • Tom Flynn
    Jun 1 7:40 AM
      On Wed, 31 May 2000 mjesko@... wrote:

      > Hi gang!
      > To those looking up names from the Czech Lands, please remember that not
      > all of them came thru Ellis Island. Many came thru Philadelphia and
      > Baltimore, which has a good sized Czech community.
      > Another example, my best friend's grandfather came from Croatia thru
      > Gavelston, Texas and ended up in Pittsburgh!
      > Good Luck!
      > mark

      Yes, there are quite a few czechs in texas, mostly as I understand from
      families that emigrated from Moravia. Besides the town of West, Texas
      (which is not in western texas, but rather north of Waco) there are
      several towns around Flatonia that were settled by Czechs. I think they
      came from Galveston, and maybe even Corpus Christi.

      Unfortunately, not many Slovaks here (though a few, like my family, came
      from other areas of the US and ended up settling here)

      Tom Flynn

      I represent only myself
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