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16762Re: [S-R] Villages now part of Bratislava

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  • Michael Mojher
    Mar 21, 2007
      John Q thought that the phonetic Ol-yaz-vitz could be the word Olyavec. He said that would translate to Olgya village. The Hungarian named village of Olgya is the present day Ol'dza. Which is very near you. According to the Slovakia Census Ol'dza is 94% Hungarian. The family of the friend I'm researching this for is the name Haver. Using the online telephone directory I found five Havers listed in telephone code 031. None of them in Ol'dza.
      My friend, Brian Tilkington, said he was interested in having a professional do a genealogy search. He was wondering what it might cost. I know many factors will determine the cost. Can I give him a idea what the range might be if you did the search for him?
      Michael Mojher
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      From: Peter Nagy
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      In the surroundings of Bratislava there have been three types of villages
      depending of ethnic background: Slovak, German and Hungarian. Do you know
      the prevalent ethnic group in Olyazvitz?


      2007/3/20, mgmojher <mgmojher@...>:

      > I am trying to locate a village that now is within the city limits of
      > modern Bratislava. Is the a website where such villages can be found.
      > I don't have the correct spelling, phonetically it sounds like
      > Ol-yaz-vitz.
      > Michael Mojher

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