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16248Marriages between different religions

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  • Carl Kotlarchik
    Dec 16, 2006
      Does anyone know if people of different religions ever got married in
      both of their churches? I have a set of ancestors where the husband
      was Lutheran and the wife was Roman Catholic. They were married in
      the Lutheran Church in 1848 but I cannot find any baptism records for
      their children in that Church. However, I do find the marriages of
      their children in that same church and it lists them as the parents.
      So, the family must have stayed there. The parent's marriage record
      says the bride was a "hajadon" or unmarried woman. But it also has a
      note on the far right which says "a memyasszony r. Kathliky _____
      hazassag vegyes". I think this says that the bride was Roman
      Catholic and this is a mixed marriage. Would she have been able to
      retain her religion or would she have had to convert? Since I can't
      find the baptism records for their children, I'm wondering if they
      possibly had them baptized as R. Catholics.

      The reason I'm trying to understand this is because I cannot find the
      baptism or death records for their daughter (my great-grandmother).
      However, she was married in the same Lutheran Church as her parents
      and all three of her children were baptized there (1870s). Two
      children died and their deaths are also recorded in Church records.
      The family story is that my great-grandmother also died during the
      birth of the third child but her death is not recorded in these
      Church records (1870-1895). So, is it possible that she was baptized
      as a R. Catholic and that her baptism and death records might be in
      some nearby Catholic church?
      I'd appreciate any thoughts any of you might have on this.
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