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16241Re: [S-R] Domovy List

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  • helene cincebeaux
    Dec 10, 2006
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      Dear Vladimir - thank you so much for sending it - so sorry I haven't replied.
      I was in the throes of doing my Slovakia magazine and getting it off to the printer. The new program I am using is so creative but has a very loooong learning curve.

      So thank you so much - i was fascinated to see the domovy list. So was it considered a town census record?? A personal record or what. Wound;t Domovy List be translated to House Record?

      i know that in Southern Bohemia the homes had their own genealogy - a list of all the families who lived in that house from the 1500s to the present.

      Then in Moravia my family gave us several Rodny List from WW II times - they told me this showed several generations back and was to prove there was no Jewish blood in the family; they had genealogy as your document does and I noted that your document was issued in 1939 and had a man born in 1922 and listed his father and grandfather and their birthdates.
      I noted the house number too.

      Some of the ones I originally wrote -the Mondok ones -came to me from a woman who will travel with us this summer - I find they vary a bit from place to place - hers had less genealogy info - her family left in the 1920s.


      Vladimir Bohinc <konekta@...> wrote:
      Dear Helene,
      a week ago I sent you a scan of such a document. Since then no word about it. Have you received it?

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      Thank you Sylvia and John too - your information was very helpful


      Sylvia Ofei-Kwatia <sali777@...> wrote:
      Hello Helen

      Domovy list is a form that residents were asked to fill in in order to complete Census. Domovy list inculded information type of house, how many rooms, if it had running water etc. although this may have varied.

      I hope this helps.

      Best wishes


      ux <helenezx@...> wrote:
      I have been asked about a Domovy List issued to a Maria Mondok in 1925 - she lived in Krusovce, a village just outside of Topolcany. She came to America after that.

      I would guess this document was to prove her residence, citizenship - anyone have other info?


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