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16070Re: [S-R] Girus Danielis

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    Oct 31, 2006

      Thanks for looking at the other mentions in the Census, I was going to do so
      this week-end.

      I found a few scattered mentions while aimlessly searching on the internet,
      a jewish Girus Berliner in Plock (Poland) in 1810, and a Dr. Girus Koch who
      was part of the German administration in the Ukraine in 1941. So it is
      clearly a personal name, but a rare one, and probably quite restricted to a
      region. As the isolated mentions among German-Jews (Plock) and Germans (Dr.
      Koch) a long time after my ancestor in 1715 may indicate, the name might
      have been used outside of the Zips later, but again, only rarely, and
      perhaps by people with ancestral ties or some other connection to it.

      I welcome any suggestions about what recognizable name it could be? Or if
      Girus cannot be modernized, then some roots of the name.



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      > There are about a dozen people with the given name of Girus in the 1715
      > Census, including your Girus Danielis. All of them were from Szepes megye.
      > Since these records were in Latin, it is difficult to determine what he
      > actually called, but I find it interesting that the name usually appears
      > among German names. Its use was so localized, it is probably not
      > translatable to any name we would recognize.
      > Janet
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