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15546Re: [S-R] Hyphnated names

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  • david1law@aol.com
    Aug 6, 2006

      I've seen what could be called hyphenated names in the catholic church
      records of SIROKE (SIROKA) in the SARIS (SAROS) region of SLOVAKIA (formerly part
      of Hungary). The double or hyphenated name was used in the records to
      distinguish between different families in the same family clan. The second name
      tended to be either the mother's maiden name or the paternal grandmother's
      maiden name. Example, in the SIROKE (SIROKA) parish records, I would often see,
      among other double or hyphenated names, the name BALOGA-KOTSIK which was used
      to distinguish between various branches of the BALOGA (BALOG) clan in the
      Saris Highlands, and it traced back a couple generations to a marriage between
      ANDREAS BALOGA (1787-1861) and SUSANNA KOTSIK (1791-1881), as there were
      various members of the clan with the same first and last name. The double or
      hyphenated name was apparently used by the parish priest. Unless the double or
      hyphenated name appears in a different handwriting, it was most likely the
      priest/maker of the records who utilized the double or hyphenated name. I hope
      this helps.

      P.S. There is an article by Miles Lambert on the history of OND- Surnames
      and Placenames on Bill Tarkulich's website at _www.iabsi.com_
      (http://www.iabsi.com) which includes ONDUSH.

      P.P.S. One of the surnames in my direct lineage is ONDERCSIN and it may
      well come from ONDAS (ONDASH) as I've seen baptismal records in my ONDERCSIN
      clan which includes ONDAS and ONDACS among the godparents (including a set
      within my great grandmother's family which lists the godparents in one entry for a
      child as ANDREAS KANDRIK and HELENA ONDAS and lists the godparents for the
      next child as ANDREAS KANDRIK and HELENA ONDERTSIN. My ONDERCIN clan is from
      KALAVA (KALYAVA) in the SPIS region of Slovakia (actually on Branisko
      mountain which separates the SPIS region from the SARIS region of Slovakia.

      Best regards,

      David Michael Baloga

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