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15180Rabatn family

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  • andrew rabatin
    May 8, 2006
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      We think they are distant relatives, because one of their grandparents
      was Luthern, and changed to Catholic because of pressures. But they
      treated us like close family. they insisted we stay with them, and
      wanted us to stay longer. They could not have been nicer or warmer.
      Highest point: finding stories about my grandfather in Chrastne were
      still alive with the more than one of the oldest town people. plus
      finding the church records, and things about my grandfather. the least
      is the traffic in the cities. also on a nother note some person
      thought the charge for photos on the site was money i get. the price
      charge is made by the site for low cost picture storage. i get
      nothing. you can download the pics and print them at home for free. We
      are able to keep in touch with the family with a program called SKYPE
      wich allows calls to europe for almost nothing. We hope to return in
      about a year to follow up on some loose ends.