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15175Re: [S-R] Germak/Janasov family

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  • Katherine Ayers
    May 6, 2006
      I also took another look at the 1910 manifest, and can see why you still have questions! If this is your man, he says he had been here previously. Cannot make out if date is 1900 or 1906. And I do see where he said he was born in Kingston. I apologize if I led you astray with my previous message. Looks like this man was going to Conn, Bridgeport. Also looks like he had a relative there, (brother-in-law?) but I can't make out the name.
      Another possibility comes to mind, but I am not too clear on my understanding of it. Wasn't there a period of time when a US citizen would lose his citizenship if he married a foreigner? Perhaps someone a little more knowledgeable will address that point.
      Wishing you success in sorting it all out.

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      just wanted to say thanks to Kay for her help re Andrew Germek. I went back
      and relooked at an Ellis Island file I had saved and it seems to be the one I
      was looking for. I however am still confused since on page 2 of the
      manifest he lists his birthplace as Kingston ,USA and my husbands family insists he
      was born here. As I am told he took a trip to Austria with his parents and
      met his wife and married there. She came to the US I believe the following
      year but there is still some questions with that.. Enough of my rambling thanks
      again for the help.


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