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15156Re: [S-R] Plavnica Church Records

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  • johnqadam
    May 2, 2006
      >>> I've tried to search online for some records from Ellis Island but
      haven't found much yet. I also note that it frequently shuttles me to
      the Ancestry.com site which wants me to pay for a membership in order
      to get info. Is this what I should do in order to get it? And do the
      other sites you named also charge a fee? I'm not sure I'm ready to
      start shellling out a lot of money yet. Or, is that to be expected
      when you start a search like this? <<<

      What you SHOULD DO is to research the Plavnica church records and not
      waste time hoping that someone else has already done all the research
      work for you. That's what Ancestry is trying to make you believe.

      Stop staring at the computer screen. Just get on with it!

      Start with what you KNOW and work backwards. Come back with SPECIFIC
      questions about the films of church records that you have ordered and
      studied at your nearest LDS Family History Center.
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