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14904Original spelling of "Skapura"

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  • cathskap
    Apr 8, 2006

      I think "Skapura" is fairly close to an original spelling. I have a
      Skapura family Bible where they recorded births and marriages. The
      names are written using the Cyrillic alphabet (Russian), and the
      sounds would transliterate into: Shkapoora

      Catherine (wife of a Skapura whose family came from Jakubany)

      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "magnumaid" <magnumaid@...>
      > Hello,
      > I'm a new member and taking a moment to say hello to the group.
      > The family names I'm researching are, RIDILLA from Saris County,
      > LAMPART from Jakubany/Nova Lubovna area, and BUCHSTABIRER from
      > Kaposztafalu (Hrabusice). Also SKAPURA (though I doubt that is the
      > original form of the surname) and BUDAY.
      > My research is spotty at best due to the lack of time I have for
      > Though; I see in the archived posts a wealth of information that
      > should help me along my way.
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