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  • Bill & Pat Galovich
    Apr 30, 2000
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      Hi Grace: Yes, Hull is in Quebec. I live in B.C., however, I did a quick check on
      the LDS IGI site using just the surname Derouin and came up with a total of 43
      listings, all in Quebec. It might be worth your while to have a look see
      (http://www.familysearch.org/). If you are not familiar with this site, let me know
      and I can give you some tips as to how to best utilize it.

      As far as the surname 'GALLOS', I have been advised that the Slavic (Hungarian)
      spelling for GALOVICH is probably 'GALOVIC', with the C pronounced as "ch" and I
      feel confident that it is not associated with Gallos.

      Best of luck in your search!

      Mission, B.C.

      grayce ezarik wrote:

      > Pat, thanks for the response, where in Canada is a good question, I learned
      > that from a researcher that had my grandfather's brother on her lineage. It
      > was indeed a big find for me. She has been searching for 30 years and me
      > only one year. I do know for a fact the there was a NY Derouin family that
      > came from Hull Canada, so far we are not related, but I spoke to many of
      > them and they are so great. They call me a shirt-tail cousin. I traced and
      > did a tree of their family, just to see if there was a George Washington
      > Derouin or Joseph Baptist Derouin in among them, but some or their family is
      > unknown, so the brick wall again. I believe that Hull is in Quebec, they
      > settled near the lake Ontario and many are in Watertown NY. The strange
      > part of this is that most of the cousins say their parents told them they
      > had blue blood. Now that could be the Baldwin side of the family. This is
      > getting long so will chat again...........thanks loads...........grayce
      > ps Could your husbands family be Gallos?
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