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  • Pat Watkins
    Mar 10 7:31 AM
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      Hello Mr. John Q Adam:

      You sent me a real boatload of information about
      research sites way back in April, 2005 (via the
      SR) site. I certainly thank you for the help. I
      do admit, though, I was more than confused and
      extremely intimidated about the entire project
      and have been one of those "lurkers" on the SR
      site. I have, however, gleaned a wealth of
      information during the lurking time and now feel
      somewhat more confident about what to seek when I
      go to my local LDS family history center and a
      little more knowledgeable about what information
      I need and what information is a "nice to have"
      bit. For this I thank you and, having said the
      above, I will now dive in head first and hope for the best.

      At 05:00 PM 4/15/2005, you wrote:

      >Welcome to a great new hobby You have a lot more information
      >available than you realize.
      >Sterusz, Nyitra Megye = county, now S'terusy, Slovakia. Locate it on
      >the old 1910 map at http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/maps/1910/nyitra.jpg
      >in the pink area, west side of map, near Verbo.
      >Udavské, Slovakia; formerly Udva, Zemplén, Hungary. Locate it on
      >the old 1910 map at http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/maps/1910/zemplen.jpg
      >Look for Udva in the green area, cdnter map, northeast of Homonna,
      >where the Laborec river splits off to the right.
      >SAVE the map on YOUR computer. OPEN the map in any graphics program.
      >CUT and PRINT the relevant section of the map. Otherwise, you just
      >get a corner. This map uses the Hungarian village names that you
      >will likely find in church records.
      >To locate places in Europe, especially if you are not sure of the
      >proper spelling of the place name, the best reference is found at
      >ShtelSeeker will take you there via Mapquest.
      >Nyitra and Zemplen counties are across the country from each other
      >and so I support the fact that grandparents were NOT married in
      >The important FACT that you have not specified is their religion.
      >Assuming RC.
      >CENTER (FHC)
      >When searching for genealogical information, knowing the birth
      >village is paramount because records are organized by village not
      >nationally, so it is not possible to search on a national basis. It
      >is also necessary to know the religion. To locate church records for
      >Slovakia, knowing the village/town name, go to the LDS web site:
      >LDS has Roman Catholic parish registers of baptisms, marriages and
      >deaths for Udavské, Slovakia; formerly Udva, Zemplén, Hungary.
      >Krstení 1730-1743 Zomrelí 1727-1755 Sobášení 1728-1752 Krstení 1781-
      >1793 - FHL INTL Film [ 1794064 Items 2-3 ]
      >Krstení 1794-1820 Zomrelí 1781-1820 Sobášení 1781-1820 Krstení 1821-
      >1843 Zomrelí 1821-1843 Sobášení 1821-1843 Krstení 1844-1851, 1854-
      >1889 Sobášení 1854-1889 Zomrelí 1854-1889 Krstení 1889-1894 - FHL
      >INTL Film [ 1794065 ]
      >Krstení 1894-1895 Sobášení 1889-1895 Zomrelí 1889-1895 . DRUHOPIS
      >MATRIKÝ: Krstení, sobášení, zomrelí 1882-1895 - FHL INTL Film [
      >1794352 Items 1-3 ]
      >Though Western Slovakia church records have been filmed by the
      >Mormons, those films are still to be indexed and there is no timing
      >set for that activity. Those church records are currently available
      >(only) in the Slovak Archives. That means you have to wait for
      >Sterusz, Nyitra Megye church records.
      >HOWEVER, you can get the very imformative 1869 Hungarian Census film
      >at LDS.
      >Sterusz (Šterusy) VAULT INTL Film 2185563 Item 4
      >Udva (Udvaské) -- Újcsanálos FHL INTL Film 720016
      >For basic research help, be sure to visit Bill Tarkulich's excellent
      >site at http://www.iabsi.com/gen/public/
      >Ps: some accented characters may not have reproduced correctly.
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      Pat, Lane and Jesse


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