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  • Andrea Vangor
    Feb 18, 2006
      There are not any. But my excuse is a violent windstorm and savage cold
      (hey, this is the Pacific Northwest). We dropped into the teens last night!
      First time in ten years. FEMA is expected momentarily. My power was out
      for a day and I could not find the top for my oil lamp, and the stores were
      out of Presto logs for my woodstove. Local shopping center closed down.
      Traffic lights out.

      Local residents are bearing up as well as can be expected under the
      circumstances. In truth, we got a bit less cold and a great deal more wind
      than anticipated -- one of the local ferry docks was destroyed.

      Now for a Slovak question. Where or how do we post photographs, assuming
      that this terrible crisis gives me a chance to take some digital photos of
      my three excellent linen hand-made embroidered Liptov blouses? If the
      electricity stays on, of course.

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      >I haven't been getting any messages. Are there any or is my computer not
      > picking them up.
      > Thanks,
      > Al Dubnicka
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