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1423Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] Slovak Pride Database

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  • helenezx@aol.com
    Apr 27, 2000
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      In a message dated 4/28/0 2:17:05 AM, dreamspinner3@... writes:

      << What is this? How can one access it? >>

      Hi Kim,

      I will be away for a week - otherwise I would do a quick check on your
      names - a part of the Slovak Pride data base is on Iarelative. Get back to
      me around May 10th It's a listing of some 15,000 surnames with the village
      that the family came from and the county too. The book Slovak Pride was
      published by the Slovak Heritage and Folklore Society International, and two
      updates, also the publisher of the colorful Slovakia magazine. Have been
      gathering surnames for over 10 years.

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