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13873Re: [S-R] Bohok and Bohunk

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  • nhasior@aol.com
    Nov 30, 2005
      Not to be combative but Bohunk was very much legitimately part of the
      discussion only because the word Bohok was inserted into an ancestor's military
      records as part of his name and the person researching the document asked for
      advice on its meaning. i decided to put Bohok into the Google.com search engine
      and it seems that the websites related to that word are Hungarian. someone who
      can read Hungarian may be able to decide what they are talking about but i
      think that it means hair or head or something along that line.

      In a message dated 11/30/05 7:30:10 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      voony@... writes:

      > Who ever said "Bohunk" was a derogatory word? and who
      > cares where it was derived from? I suggest you drop it
      > and get a life, leave this research group to what they
      > do best "research" and not bother them with personal
      > problems
      > --- krisstrot@... wrote:

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