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13291RE: [S-R] Partial village name search

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  • Armata, Joseph R. (JArmata)
    Oct 11, 2005
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      Yes, that site works great for what Bill wanted. I put in "ovce" for
      the place name, and got 361 places ending in "ovce", with their
      regions and districts.

      We can all take the weekend off!


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      Your problem may be solved. The web site that Peter gave in his
      message can
      be searched by a partial string of letters. All of the locations with
      string appear. I tried a few and it worked for the examples I used.
      it a try.

      Frank R. Plichta
      Galax, Virginia
      "Searching the world for PLICHTAs"

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      Dear Bill,

      I have also this problem and I did not solve it yet. It is obvious,
      the Slovak Statistical Office has the complete list of Slovak
      municipalities (last number is 2891). There are also some electronic
      publications for sale, where the list of municipalities is included, I

      will try to purchase one. Unfortunately due to the copyright, it is
      possible to publish this list.

      For list members, who are looking for present statistical,
      administrative and demographic data I recommend to visit the free


      Good luck,


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