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12781Military Records

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  • Carl Kotlarchik
    Aug 12, 2005
      Does anybody know if the Austrian Archives have records such as their
      Grundbuchbatter and the Musterlisten und Standestrabellen which
      include the military records for Upper Hungary districts including
      what is now Slovakia? I have been trying to search for the LDS films
      that would include these military records for the time period around
      the 1860's. I believe I know my ancestors military regiment (6 Huszar
      Ezred) which is the 6th Hussar Regiment. I have been told that the
      Austrian Archives would have the combined A-H records until about
      1867. Unfortunately, all I can find in the catalogs are records for
      the Austrian districts and the Czech regions. I can't seem to find
      any mention of the Hungarian districts which would include the Slovak
      areas. I also have not been successful in finding the films for these
      records in the LDS catalog. In fact, I can't find any of the A-H
      military records in the LDS catalog although I have been told that
      many of them have been filmed. I know that the LDS have filmed some
      records for Slovakia but I believe these are only for records in the
      Zemplen County. My ancestor was from the Gomor County. Any
      suggestions would be much appreciated.
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