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12710Sempa, Cempa and/or Soltis

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  • Tom
    Aug 2, 2005
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      New to the forum and confused.

      Try as I might I have not figured the place name business out.
      Following some good advice I will only ask one question concerning
      Village name.

      Maternal grandmother was Mary Soltis, daughter of Catherine Soltis
      Kasisky (remarried). Mary was married to George Sempa/Cempa and
      immigrated to Pittston PA with her first child in 1896. Bible records
      indicate birthplace as Nizno Lapse Zupa Spiska. (spelling???)

      No Ellis Island record. No more info on George, who may have been
      called Adelbert. Family mythology places this area in Galicia but
      that could be wrong. Grandma died 1950 (was called Babu) and never
      spoke English.

      I could tell you what I think that village locator means but the
      mixing and matching of Slovak, Hungarian and Polish terms has got me
      very confused. Any help would be appreciated because I cannot locate
      this place as of yet.

      Any help in providing online URL's of appropriate shipping records
      also appreciated.

      Thank you to all in advance.

      Tom in Virginia Beach
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