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12440Koscholna RE: [S-R] Koschulna?

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  • Frank R. Plichta
    Jul 7, 2005
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      The best I can find is Koscholna.

      Koscholna is a location name, first used in 1786, for the location known
      today as Kos^olna'. Kos^olna' is located approximately 11 KM Northwest of
      Trnava. It is also 3KM Southeast of Dolne' Ores^ay.

      Source of information: Na'zvy obci' Slovenskej Republiky (Vy'vin V rokoch
      1773-1997) VEDA, vydavatel'stvo Slovenskej akade'mie vied, Bratislava, 1998.

      Frank Plichta
      Searching the World for Plichtas.

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      One more question. There is a reference in an Ellis
      Island ship manifest to a cousin of a relative of
      mine, living in a place called Koschulna. The manifest
      is typed, so it is presumably not a misspelling. Does
      anyone know if this is perhaps a way of referring to
      'greater Kosice' or something like that? Any
      suggestions would be welcome.

      Thanks again!


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