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  • Suzie Forehand
    Jul 7, 2005
      Dear Bill,

      I have tried to email both Peter and Vladimir. The email will not send--do you have a suggestion about how I can reach either of them?



      Bill Tarkulich <bill.tarkulich@...> wrote:
      Hello Suzie,

      I would be extremely uncomfortable going to a city to search for family based only on the information you have. I would have wanted to do a lot more researcher before I planned a trip such as this.

      Jendek and Luknar occur often in the Bratislava online phone book. Actually, too often to be of much help.

      You have too little information to know whether the spelling of the SOMON name is correct, especially since there is no occurrance of this specific spelling. Many possibilities exist. The name could have been shortened; Also, the surname line could have died off; the family could have moved or been deported;
      The American transliteration of SOMON to SHOMON suggests the first letter was an "S" with a hacek (upside-down u) accent mark above it.
      It's possible you have the correct spelling, but we cannot be certain yet.

      What is the ethnicity and religion of your SOMON family? And the other names? What year did they emigrate? This can narrow things down.

      Who were their friends? Were their other people in America that may have come with them or that they associated with, or from their village/neighborhood? Tracing friends can be a useful path as well.

      What other connections have you made with other researchers of these surnames? Have you checked the US census 1900-10-20-30 for supporting information?

      Do you speak Slovak? It would be extremely helpful to have the services of an interpreter.

      I believe you are already aware that post-WWII, many people migrated for employment. In fact, many went to the Czech Republic. You are also correct in assuming that they didn't necessarily live in the vineyard village where they worked. A healthy walk from the city would have been common.

      If you are dead set on going, I would highly recommend hiring someone locally such as Peter Nagy http://www.centroconsult.sk/ or Vladimir Bohnic http://www.konekta.sk/ to do some advance work on your behalf. Specifically, to make some calculated phone calls and try to flush out prospective families.

      It is too late now, but you really should petition the BCIS/INS for a copy of their immigration files.

      You may also want to check with the Land registry, especially with the more "rare" names to see if and where the name occurs. http://www.centroconsult.sk/genealogy/land.html

      Good Luck,
      Bill Tarkulich

      >From: Suzie Forehand <suzieforehand@...>
      >Date: Wed Jul 06 08:56:29 CDT 2005
      >To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [S-R] Somon, Luknar, Jendek

      >I am new to the group, and this is my first posting. My sister and I are going to Bratislava on August 2. The purpose of our trip, apart from sightseeing, is to find some relatives. We have very little information, other than locating our grandmother and grandfather's names on the Ellis Island lists. Following is the only information we have, other than 3 photos, from our deceased father:
      >Our father Joseph Shomon was the son of Veronica Luknar (1890-1977) and Joseph (Ferencz) Somon (1884-1934). The story we have about how our grandparents met is that they were in--perhaps working--a vineyard just outside Bratislava in a town called Raca and fell in love. Veronica's parents were Julia Jendek and Emirick Luknar. Joseph's father was Anton Somon. I do have the first names of our grandparents siblings, though I do not know if that will help.
      >I have checked the Bratislava phone book with no success. I found Raca on a map and it is 4.9 miles north of Bratislava.
      >I am leaving Virginia on July 27 to meet my sister in Madrid before journeying to Bratislava.
      >We would appreciate any help with our search.
      >Suzie Forehand
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