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  • Armata, Joseph R. (JArmata)
    Jun 2, 2005
      Just a followup: I found a map that confirms that this Sloboda
      and Cieplice (spelled Teplyci in Ukrainian) just east of Lezajsk
      were majority Ukrainian villages. Just before WW2, Sloboda had a
      Ukrainian population of 410 out of 440 residents, and Teplyci had
      2680 out of 3630.


      > "Katarzyna Wrobel" is a Polish spelling (Catherine Sparrow), as that
      > part of Ukraine was under Polish rule for a long time, then under
      > Austrian rule. "W" in Polish is pronounced like "v", and the "o" in
      > Wrobel has an accent over it, making it pronounced the same as "u", so
      > that accounts for the other spellings of Wrubel (probably a German
      > spelling) and Vrubel (English spelling).
      > Unfortunately there are several villages called Sloboda that were in
      > Ukrainian Galicia, so more info would be needed to track down the
      > right one. But on the Ellis Island Manifest, the entries above and
      > below Katarzyna refer to other Ruthenians coming from Sloboda and
      > Cieplice. They might have travelled together, which would mean those
      > villages should be near each other.
      > And in fact in SE Poland, just east of Lezajsk, there are two villages
      > Sloboda and Cieplice right near each other. But I'm not sure whether
      > those villages were Ukrainian/Ruthenian, maybe someone on the list
      > would know exactly how far to the west the Ukrainian population
      > extended from the Polish/Ukrainian border there. Also, there might be
      > villages in Ukraine called Sloboda and Cieplice (prob spelled
      > something like Teplyce) near each other.
      > Joe
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      > Hello,
      > My greatgrandmother came to the United States in 1906. Ellis Island
      > lists her name as Katarzyna Wrobel. E.I. manifest states place of
      > residence Sloboda and she is Galician, Ruthernan. My Grandfathers
      > birth certificate states his mother was from Austria and listed her
      > maiden name as Wrubel. Her marriage certificate says Vrubel. Any
      > ideas where to start? What might be the the most accurate spelling of
      > her surname?
      > Where is this region and what would be the name of the village today?
      > Any help would be appreciated. She always told family she was from
      > the Ukraine.
      > Thanks,
      > Karen Earls
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