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12165Re: [S-R] Ancestral village help

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  • krisstrot@aol.com
    May 17, 2005
      Is it possible that this is a county instead of a village? My grandfather referred to himself as a Zipser Saxon, which I have come to understand means that he was born and raised in the Szepes ("Zips") area of Slovakia and his ancestors originated in the Saxony region of Germany. And the spelling on Ellis Island is only as good as the person who wrote down the information in the manifest in the first place. It's interesting reading through some of those records even when you KNOW where the person was from. Most of the manifest entries for the people I am researching list them as being from Hungary, even though at that time it was technically Austro-Hungary, but actually, now, Slovakia. Some records even show them as being from Austria!! Back to the original question, it is not a hard stretch to imagine Zamba was someone's version of Zemplin, which is definitely Slovakia. I'm just guessing, but sometimes stretching beyond the obvious can open leads for us that we didn't think existed. Good luck!

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      I am new to this group. This is my first posting. I was wondering if any
      of you could help me with finding out about my ggrandmother's village. I
      her on the Ellis Island site with her name spelled wrong. It is Valencik
      was spelled Valenczik.She came here 12/26/1892 from Bremen and Southampton
      with 2 children. The last place of residence was Zamba. They are Iisted as
      Hungarian but ggrandfather told relatives he was Slovak. I can't locate
      village on any maps. I presented it to my Czech-Slovak group and know one
      recognizes it. Do any of you have an idea? Thank you so much.
      Sincerely, Beverly in WA state

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