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11989Church Records

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  • johnqadam
    Mar 21, 2005
      A few hints on church records.

      1) If the page has a list of first names, followed by parents'
      names, it is a list of births. There will be the occasional single
      parent, duly noted in the "illegitimate" column.

      2) If the page layout suggests people of the same approx age, you
      have marriages. Sometimes the pages are horizonatl for groom, then
      bride. With luck, you also get the parents' names. Any marriage over
      age 30 is assumed to be a second marriage -- within a month or so of
      the death of the first spouse. Look for the death record.

      Marriages are usually recorded in the BRIDE'S church while births
      and deaths are typically in the GROOM'S church. If you note the
      religion and village name, you will have an idea where to look for
      the birth.

      Assume all marriages occured at age 20. That is close enough
      to "actual" to separate the generations.

      3) If the pages show a variety of ages, you have deaths. These can
      be a bit tricky. For example, something like Janos / Adam Michal /
      Kocis Maria would be Janos, the son of Michal Adam and Maria Kocis --
      but I'm not dead yet.

      4) The 1869 Hungarian Census provides a wealth of family
      information, if available for your village.

      When available, house numbers can help you track closely-related

      Checkout http://www.bmi.net/jjaso/ for parish record header

      LDS also has a pretty good translation guide which you can download.
      See forums.delphiforums.com/iarelative/messages message #3931.1 for

      1910 HUNGARIAN MAP
      The old Hungarian county maps can be found at:

      SAVE your map on YOUR computer. OPEN the map in any graphics
      program. CUT and PRINT the relevant section of the map. Otherwise,
      you just get a corner. This map uses the Hungarian village names
      that you will likely find in church records.
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