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  • James McGrath
    Mar 7, 2005
      There is a listing for a Julianna Mudry, brought over
      as an infant by her parents, complete with her
      grandfather's name listed in the information, all
      there to be viewed simply by searching under 'Mudry'
      on www.ellisisland.org.

      Hope this helps!

      James McGrath

      --- suburbanhollidays <westwood@...>
      > Hello all! My name is Lisa and I'm beginning
      > genealogy research on
      > my beloved great-grandmother, Julianna (Julia)
      > Planyeta Gregor
      > Mudry. Recently while visiting my mother, I
      > hand-copied my great-
      > grandmother's baptism certificate. Unfortunately,
      > it's in poor
      > condition and some of the identifying words are
      > illegible. There's
      > also nobody left to ask any information- my
      > great-grandparents and
      > all but one of their children are deceased.
      > Using online dictionaries and document word
      > searches, I've managed
      > to figure out some of this document but I think the
      > most significant
      > portions elude me. For example, the date of birth,
      > date of baptism,
      > mother's name, godparents names and religions, date
      > of document are
      > all clear. Now here's the tricky part: Under
      > "torvenyes" there is
      > a dash, and under "torvenytelen" is some notation I
      > can't read.
      > Looks like "a" and under that possibly and "f" or
      > "t" then "or"
      > or "ar" and under that a dash- ng and finally under
      > that the word
      > telen. Also, under "A szuloknek neve, allasa es
      > vallasa" it
      > states "Atya ismeretlen" and then "Anya: Planyeta"
      > under that "Maria
      > (something illegible) and then "rom. Kath." Does
      > this signify that
      > my great-grandmother was illegitimate?
      > Finally, under "szuleteshelye" is a word that
      > appears to be "Laeza"
      > which looks like another word that appears in a
      > sentence which I
      > can't translate under the heading "Kivonat". The
      > word in that
      > sentence appears to be "Laezai". Does anyone have
      > info on a village
      > by this name? The stamp on the bottom reads,
      > "Sigillum Ecclesiae
      > Parochialis Saczensis". Is "Saczensis" an indicator
      > of location?
      > The only other thing we have to go on is a photo of
      > my great-
      > grandmother's sister which has a notation of a photo
      > studio
      > in "Kassa" which is understand is present-day
      > Kosice?
      > Which is better- to concentrate on having the
      > document translated to
      > figure out place of birth or to research the arrival
      > at Ellis Island
      > (for which we have a tentative date)?
      > Thank you for your wealth of resources and sharing
      > of info- I have
      > been enjoying reading though I'm at much more a
      > beginning state than
      > most of you seem to be.
      > Take care!
      > Lisa

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