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11745Re: [S-R] 1600-1700s Hung Census &Gazetteer - Request for help de ciphering!

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  • Barbara/Bill
    Mar 3, 2005
      I'm a big dummy.....I've been going to this site and am just totalled

      I've tried putting the names of the villages that I know my ancestors lived
      in....and pages come up with various collections of words...but I have no
      idea what to do next....I see arrows at the top right to go forward and
      back - forward and back to what? I don't know where I am now!

      And over on the left that large yellow column has tons of "things" to click
      on but when I try one I still don't know what I'm seeing.........I'm
      sooooooo sorry to be so dense.

      I'm interested in people in Kinces (near Dvorianky) and in Jozsefvolgy and
      in Velke Berezne.

      Can someone kick me in the right direction......??//

      Barbara - Uprooting family trees

      "Pray for AMERICA"
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